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Physiotherapy at Dearborn Health

Man receiving physiotherapy treatmentSimilar to chiropractic care, physiotherapy addresses problems either rooted in movement restrictions or in the patient’s ability to control and coordinate the movement they have – and oftentimes both. While both treat across the entire spectrum, chiropractors focus more on improving mobility and physiotherapists work with the patient to strengthen their body and improve their motor control. Consequently, optimum care often comes from the combined efforts of multiple practitioners.

Because a big part of a patient’s rehab is to strengthen and improve their motor control, our physiotherapists spend the time to determine the right exercises and work with them one-on-one to ensure the proper technique to promote healing.

Types of Issues We Address

Whether you’re a cyclist, CrossFitter, golfer or weekend warrior, physiotherapy can help you stay fit and in the game. Active people and athletes like seeing us because they know the value of being able to stay fit and healthy.


The first step is taking your health history. We’ll ask you if you’re taking any medications and the history of your injury. You’ll be asked various probing questions that help us determine what the issue might be.

Physical exam

Once we have a good idea of the issue that you’re dealing with, we will perform a full physical exam to confirm or negate what we think might be the concern. Then once we confirm our hypothesis of what we think is the issue, we’ll provide education about the injury.

Home exercises

We’ll go over some home exercises to show you what you can do to help improve the issue and get you stronger.


The last part of your visit is treatment. Your therapist will provide treatment based on what was found.

Do I have to be a chiropractic patient to receive physiotherapy?

No. Patients can see just a physiotherapist, chiropractor or both. Often, chiropractors and physiotherapists will refer back and forth, depending on the issue.
How are you different from other physiotherapy clinics?

One way we set ourselves apart from other practices is that we take longer with our patients. The initial session is an hour. All of our follow-ups are a half-hour in length. During your entire appointment, you will be seen by the therapist, not an assistant.

We also have a highly knowledgeable team that will ensure you’re performing the exercises correctly.

Do you help athletes?

Yes, we see athletes of all levels looking to get out of pain and get back to their favorite sport. Physiotherapy helps athletes to regain their strength and movement following an injury. Our therapists can provide custom-tailored exercises and stretches to keep muscles healthy.

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