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Concussion Management at Dearborn Health

woman holding head in painOvercome the challenges presented by a concussion and concussion symptoms through our team’s expert guidance and care.

A concussion can be a debilitating condition and a scary situation for people of all ages. With specific protocols and guidelines, we can confidently direct you through the steps of identifying a concussion and recovering from the symptoms.

We have helped many patients over the years achieve recovery and a safe return to various sports and life activities. Concussions can happen at any time and we are here to help.

We Start With Determining Your Baseline

Few clinics address concussion management with our level of specialization, and it starts before an injury or collision involving the head ever occurs.

At Dearborn Health, we begin with baseline testing for many of our patients so that before a concussion is sustained, our team has data on things like reaction time, cognitive abilities, recall, dexterity, and range of motion.

We want to evaluate you when you are healthy, so that we can quickly tell if a concussion has been sustained. The baseline measures also help us determine how significant a concussion has been sustained and what direction we need to take for recovery.

A Path for Your Safe Return

Once a concussion is sustained, there are many ways our team can assist in the recovery phase as we work with you to help you return to play or to the same quality of life.

To deal with concussion symptoms, there are exercises to retrain the visual and brain pathways affected by concussions.

Depending on how the concussion was sustained, there may be musculoskeletal issues that we should address. As manual therapists, our team can provide targeted care that will alleviate myofascial tension, joint restriction, headaches, and more.

Get on the Healing Path Today

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