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Meniscus/Knee Injuries

hands grasping knee in painEach of your knees has both a medial and lateral meniscus, or a small ring-shaped cartilage structure that sits on top of your shinbone. This creates a groove where the femur can slide in whenever you bend and straighten your knee. The meniscus increases the stability of the knee by providing cushioning and shock absorption, and decreasing friction.

The most common cause of injury is planting a foot down, twisting, and pushing off in another direction. This frequently happens to athletes who play field sports like soccer or rugby, or court sports like basketball and volleyball. A tear or sprain can also occur when you push off a step, or if you spend long periods of time walking on an unsteady surface.

Helping You Heal From Every Angle

We do a lot of hands-on work at Dearborn Health, including massage, range of motion exercises, soft tissue release, manual therapy techniques, stability exercises, and balance exercises. Our experienced physiotherapists will help you work on strength and control using key exercises specific to your condition.

Other techniques we may recommend include laser therapy, ultrasound, lymphatic drainage massage, and swelling reduction strategies. We’ve also seen great results from blood flow restriction training, which limits blood flow to the injured leg to provide the same effect as intense exercise. This approach helps release key growth hormones into the damaged tissue, without risking further injury to the knee.

What to Expect

The timeline of healing depends on the person, the severity of the injury, the strength of your leg, and how active you are in pursuing recovery. Most patients see dramatic improvements in 4-12 weeks.

To prevent future injuries, it’s important to develop strength in your legs and address any imbalances in your hips, knees, and ankles. By helping you strengthen your lower body, we’ll make sure your muscles take the brunt of the load, taking stress off the knee.

Step Into Healing Today

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