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New Patients

Dearborn Health office staffOur spacious 7000-square-foot premises is a blend of generous well equipped rehab and exercise areas, with private individual consultation and treatment areas to help you feel better and get back to living your life. Our practitioners are friendly, welcoming and genuinely happy to see you and have you join us!

To prepare, please consider completing our paperwork necessary for your first visit in advance and bring it in with you completed. For your comfort please consider the areas that will require examination and treatment and wear comfortable, loose fitting clothing or consider bringing in a change of clothes appropriate for the area you’ll have addressed.


Your First Visit

When you arrive, our staff will greet you and take your paperwork. You’ll be guided to a consultation room, combined with showing you around the office. You’ll meet your practitioner, then discuss your history and have an examination. In many instances, after a review of findings and treatment options are presented you may be treated on the first visit, however in some instances further diagnostic measures such as an x-ray may be required.

We’ll discuss your diagnosis and our recommendations. If you agree to get started, we’ll begin treatment.

Moving Forward

Typically, we’ll recommend a plan that includes a series of visits appropriately spaced best to provide fast relief, then reevaluate to see how you’ve responded. We’ll also discuss if your condition is one that may benefit from some form or schedule of supportive or wellness care.

Direct Billing Available

Our care is covered by most extended health plans. Contact Dearborn Health now to book your first appointment!


New Patients | (519) 884-4848