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Custom Orthotics at Dearborn Health

sneaker soles on stairsAlleviate painful conditions with your feet and problems with your gait while improving your body’s overall function and form through custom orthotics.

As an accommodative, supportive, or corrective device , custom orthotics can play a significant factor in healing chronic conditions that have built up over time due to the inefficiencies of what the foot is naturally doing on its own. By addressing the foot’s mechanics and support structure, you can temper the effects of many conditions and enjoy essential health benefits.

Did you know that many extended health plans and providers include custom foot orthotics as part of their benefit package for members?

The Custom Mechanics of How We Help You Heal

The Dearborn Health staff includes a Canadian Certified Pedorthist who is educated and highly qualified to assess manufacturing, fit, and adjust custom made foot orthotics. Through a consultation and assessment, we analyze your gait to determine the necessary treatment plan required to assist with foot abnormalities, repetitive strain issues, or gait abnormalities that might be present.

Our team will take careful measurements and identify your main issues, so that the Pedorthist can design and hand craft foot orthotics that are customized to your needs and will work to support your abnormalities.

Your Unique and Tailored Therapy Blueprint

In terms of a tailored solution that’s very specific to your needs, you can’t do much better than a custom foot orthotic. It is a completely custom process from start to finish, as our analysis and testing lead to a one-of-a-kind product that perfectly fits each individual.

The Pedorthist begins with a 3-Dimensional cast and molding that outlines the individuality and unique structure of the foot. The foot orthotic is then created based on this cast and molding, resulting in a fully custom product that fits the individual’s needs and the contours of their foot.

Discover a Solution for Toe-to-Head Healing

Explore the benefits of custom orthotics by visiting our Waterloo office. Contact us today to schedule an appointment and determine if this solution is the right option for your needs.


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