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Degenerative Disc Treatment

Casual man with back painYour spine is made up of several vertebrae, or bones stacked on top of each other. The discs sit between each of these bones. Their job is to evenly distribute the force put onto the spine, so you can bend, twist, and move without getting hurt.

As you age, it’s common for discs to become injured. Degenerative disc disease can cause neck pain, headaches, back pain, and pain, numbness, and tingling in the arms and hands if a nerve has been compressed. You may also have damage to your discs without pain.

A Comprehensive Approach to Healing

Disc injuries are often a natural byproduct of aging. Other factors that may cause damage are repetitive motions that require you to look up or down frequently, or that expose you to higher forces. Activities that require an extended range of motion, like gymnastics, can also result in injury.

At Dearborn Health, we use a wide range of therapies to address discs and surrounding joints and tissues, like tight muscles. Depending on your condition, we may recommend Active Release® Technique, soft tissue work, joint mobilization, or joint manipulation in the neck. Our physiotherapists will help you with several hands-on stretching and strengthening exercises for the neck and shoulders, and help you reset the posture of your spine.

We focus on patient education, empowering you to understand your condition and what you can do to speed up healing. In addition to chiropractic care and physiotherapy, massage therapy may also help with pain relief.

Preventing Disc Injuries

To reduce your risk of developing a disc injury, we recommend changing your posture frequently. Staying in the same position for too long exposes you to excess force in one direction and doesn’t give your body a break. Exercises to strengthen the muscles in the shoulder and neck and improve the mobility of the neck can also help prevent disc injury.

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