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Personal Training at Dearborn Health

young woman works core with personal trainerReach your fitness and health goals at a clinic in Waterloo that offers tailored personal training from experienced instructors.

Whether you need to work on core strength, maximize your athletic performance, or build up hip stability to manage low back pain, Dearborn Health has trainers who will assess on a deeper level and lead you to pursue your

Get the Attention You Deserve at Dearborn Health

We believe in the quality that comes from one-on-one attention from a trainer.

We stand apart as personal trainers who focus, first of all, on a client’s individual needs, concerns, and goals. Our team specializes in one-on-one training sessions, as we work with individuals instead of group personal training sessions.

The difference can be felt in our clients’ ability to access personalized exercises, education, and real-time feedback. You can learn how to improve areas of weakness and avoid aggravating previous injuries.

Improve at Every Age and Stage of Life

Personal training at Dearborn Health can be individualized to people from all walks of life.

We work for our clients to live in a way that fits their goals. Those goals can be sport-related or activity-based, such as strength training or marathon preparation.

But goals for training can also be as simple as trying to alleviate areas of weakness and eliminate recurring pains in the body. Some clients are in their 70’s and 80’s and receive our personal training to maximize their time with their grandchildren.

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Everyone has different goals and needs. Avoid a cookie-cutter approach and set a plan tailored to your needs and goals.

Contact us today to schedule your first one-on-one appointment.


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