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Blood Flow Restriction Training at Dearborn Health

blissful woman in field with arms out smilingSee increased muscle endurance and strength while reducing soreness and recovery time through blood flow restriction training.

At Dearborn Health, we have seen many benefits for our clients who engage in this form of therapy. Blood flow restriction training increases the natural levels of growth hormone for strength and healing, leading to everything from enhanced healing in tendons to noticeable strength improvements.

Research also shows that things like scar tissue formation will decrease when you use blood flow restriction with training, and we can regularly see faster healing times for bone or muscle injuries. Plus, a pain relief mechanism is triggered, and there are many more positive side effects to blood flow restriction training.

Join those who have already experienced the tremendous and wide-ranging benefits by setting up an appointment at our Waterloo office.

A Practical Guide to the Use of Blood Flow Restriction

There are practical reasons to add blood flow restriction training to your health and fitness regimen.

If you are coming off of any significant health issue, such as a major injury or surgery that has limited your use of a joint or muscle, blood flow restriction training may be the best next step. We can prevent things like muscle atrophy and bone density deterioration by using this therapy during recovery.

If you are an athlete, this therapy as a cross-training tool can improve your strength and endurance for sports-specific applications. Plus, enjoy very minimal soreness and faster recovery times post-therapy.

Finally, we use blood flow restriction to address specific conditions like shin splints and muscle strains. If you need help combatting any sort of strength and balance issues, this type of training may be the solution.

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