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Meet Our Personal Trainers

Whether you want to get in shape, pare extra pounds or both, our personal trainers want to help you achieve your goals.

Josh Leyes, Dearborn Health personal trainerJosh Leyes BA (Kin), CPT, FMS

Josh has been a personal trainer in the region since 1999 and is excited to be part of the team at Dearborn Health again, where he trained from 2005-2010. Helping others achieve their goals and watching people change for the better drives Josh to help his clients succeed, whether it’s losing weight, rehabilitating an injury or setting a new personal best.

Josh has a strong passion for good health and good movement. He is a passionate teacher with an extremely keen observational eye for assessing biomechanics. Josh’s philosophy on life and fitness is that “you are only as strong as your weakest link.”

By utilizing the Functional Movement Screen, Josh can help clients pinpoint where there may be weak links in their movement patterns, which may lead to injury if not addressed. By incorporating corrective exercise into his programming, Josh helps his clients to improve their ease of movement.

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Josh is also an advocate for living a healthier lifestyle through nutrition and helps his clients with accountability and guidance if needed.

Family and Interests

Josh lives in Waterloo with his wife and three children. He maintains an active lifestyle by chasing his kids, strength training, running and yoga. He also enjoys cooking, listening to music and is a certifiable golf nut.

Female silhouetteAnnika Beech Hon BA, CPT, NWS

Annika has been working in the fitness field since 1997 as a personal trainer, nutrition consultant, yoga, Pilates and cycling instructor. She was also a fitness studio owner since 2003. Her extensive background, combined with her dynamic personality, makes her a popular speaker at running groups, schools and corporate venues, lecturing on topics such as core strength, nutrition and yoga.

A Passion for Helping Her Clients

With a background in sports, Annika has competed in marathons, triathlons and the Lake Placid Ironman in 2004. In 2002 she found yoga and became a certified instructor. Yoga greatly influenced her view of a healthy body and life and inspired her to seek balance in body and mind.

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Annika is passionate about helping her clients improve their own health and life quality, incorporating strength, flexibility and healthy eating habits. Her trained eye will ensure you are doing your exercises correctly to build a balanced, strong body.

With her infectious energy, she will motivate, guide and inspire you to make changes to a healthier lifestyle! When she is not training clients, Annika spends time with her two daughters and enjoys music, bike rides and morning yoga.

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Annika Beech

Personal Trainer, Yoga Instructor
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