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Pilates at Dearborn Health

pilates classPromote your strength and flexibility with intimate class sessions from an expert Pilates instructor in Waterloo.

Dearborn Health welcomes all experience levels to take advantage of our small class sizes and experience the benefits of specific instruction from someone who knows you, your needs, and your goals.

Through adaptable low-impact movements that connect the mind and body, Pilates can bring various worthwhile benefits, including reduced stress, better muscle endurance, pain relief, and more. Boost your physical and mental relaxation while enhancing holistic health.

Take Advantage of Personal Instruction Within Our Small Class Sizes

We try to keep the size of our Pilates classes small so that our instructor can engage in safe one-on-one training with each person attending.

Our instructor will identify the movements that will help each person address their areas of weakness and their goals. As the class takes place, the instructor will be able to give clients specific cues and assistance on portions of the program that are challenging for them.

Improve Your Flexibility and Your Strength

By focusing on each individual, our instructor allows clients to maximize the many benefits of a Pilates class and significantly improve multiple aspects of their health and fitness.

An advantage of Pilates is that it combines improving flexibility with an emphasis on building core strength. Successful Pilates programs result in better alignment and better range of motion within all of the major joints (including the spine, the hips, and the shoulders).

We are open to all levels of experience at Dearborn Health. Our instructor tailors each class so that exercise has a beginner, medium, and advanced option, and everyone gets a maximized workout.

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