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Headache Relief in Waterloo

sitting at table wit headacheDearborn Health offers many techniques that have been proven to reduce the frequency, intensity, and duration of headaches. By focusing on an accurate diagnosis and implementing myofascial, range of motion, and joint movements, we can effectively and significantly improve headache symptoms.

The Importance of Getting Your Assessment Right

A vital aspect of correcting headaches is getting a proper diagnosis. As we assess you, we’re looking to find the type of headaches you’re facing and why you’re facing them.

What We Can Do to Help

We have had many patients come into our office in Waterloo with severe and chronic headaches. Our approach and care options have helped our patients experience more joy in life, function better daily, and be more productive at work.

Quick Improvement of Your Symptoms

With our techniques and our expertise, relief can come quickly. Many feel better instantly, and almost everyone feels significantly improved, at least within the first few visits.



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