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Nerve Entrapments

man in plaid holding elbowNerve entrapments reveal themselves in a variety of ways. You can experience numbness or tingling. You can endure referred pain. There may even be temperature changes in your body or palpable changes in your sensations, from sharp to dull.

Dearborn Health is experienced in identifying the common signs of nerve entrapment and following the symptoms’ source. Once we find the source, we offer appropriate and effective options for you to choose from regarding care.

Starting Off With the Right Diagnosis

In our experience, the most important part is getting the diagnosis done correctly. Nerve entrapments could cause pain in connected but distant areas. While some symptoms can be at the location of the nerve tissue, often, we have to follow the nerve from the place of discomfort to an entirely different part of the body.

There are tests that can be done to quantify nerve entrapments. Sometimes imaging studies are necessary to help identify problems.

Pick the Technique That Works for You

Everything depends on finding the root nerve problem. Once we acknowledge where the nerve entrapment is located, we are able to present to you viable care options.

If the nerve entrapment is at a joint segment, then we might present joint mobilization techniques or a joint adjustment as the best course of action. A soft tissue entrapment may require a muscle release technique like myofascial release or Active Release Technique.

Depending on the location, we could even use braces. For carpal tunnel syndrome, for instance, a wrist brace or splint can be helpful in offsetting nerve issues.

Exercising Your Way Back to Health

Rehabilitative exercises like nerve flossing are always recommended as part of our care plans. As you heal, we will teach you exercises that are specific to your nerve entrapment issue. The hope is that through this education, you can remain healthy beyond your time visiting our Waterloo office.

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