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Degenerative Disc Treatment at Dearborn Health

pointing at spineDegenerative disc disease (DDD) typically manifests as chronic back or neck pain, often accompanied by intermittent episodes of severe discomfort and radiating pain or numbness in the extremities.

DDD progresses through three distinct stages: mild, moderate, and severe. In the early stages, chiropractic care focuses on identifying and addressing any biomechanical issues contributing to the degeneration. This involves assessing muscle imbalances, joint stress, and weaknesses that can be corrected to improve overall biomechanical function, ultimately reducing stress on the tissues.

Pain Management and Chiropractic Care

Pain levels in DDD can vary widely. Chiropractic care, along with physiotherapy and massage therapy, plays a crucial role in managing pain throughout the different stages of DDD.

Treatment may include addressing pinched nerves and muscle spasms, maintaining mobility in affected joints, and providing strength and conditioning programs to stabilize the spine and prevent further progression.

Non-Invasive Treatment Options

Chiropractic treatments for degenerative disc disease are non-invasive, avoiding surgical or injection-based methods. These treatments are conservative, pain-free, and effective. One of the key therapies used is traction therapy, which helps stretch the ligaments supporting the affected areas. This low-risk treatment has shown significant results in managing DDD.

Recommended Exercises and Stretches

For patients with degenerative disc issues, core-focused exercises are also helpful. These exercises help stabilize and strengthen the core, providing essential support to the spine.

These exercises effectively enhance the core’s strength and stability, which is crucial for managing DDD.

Factors Influencing Degenerative Disc Disease

While several factors contribute to DDD, including genetic and environmental components, chiropractic care focuses on physical factors that can be controlled. Identifying and correcting musculoskeletal issues that place additional stress on the spine can significantly decrease this stress, slowing the progression of the disease.

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