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About Lisa and Pilates


Lisa Klemetsch RNC, CR, CPT. was the first certified teacher of the Pilates Method in Waterloo Region. She has worked extensively with individuals whose physical capabilities range from athletic to debilitating conditions; such as MS, Fibromyalgia, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, cervical strain, back pain, and overuse injuries. Lisa, herself, has worked hard to overcome serious trauma from a car accident and beat all odds.


Lisa's extensive background in paramedics, sports and rehabilitation, combined with her studies in nutrition, psychology, reflexology and other hands-on bodywork facilitates a whole body approach to wellness.


FOUNDATIONS (level 1): An introduction to the principals of the Pilates Method. Learn the fundamentals upon which the entire Pilates Method is built, developing a solid foundation of core stability for all your life activities. Learn to work your body efficiently, improving mind-body awareness, strength, flexibility, posture and ease of movement.


BUILDING BLOCKS (level 2): A great class to build on the fundamentals and deepen your connection of mind to core abdominal and postural muscles. Attention to detail and form will help you develop greater tone, coordination and mobility of bones and joints.


INTEGRATION (level 3): Ideal for enthusiasts who want to increase their challenge and improve their endurance and control by incorporating Classical Pilates movements with the Fundamental movements. Level 2 and 3 will be combined class.


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